“Every man breaks...we all do at some point”

-- Donnie Pilatti

3:16a.m. is the story of a hardened Italian family faced with the age old question of mortality and morality. This group of selfish, ruthless mobsters has the foundation of their family rocked when an almost commonplace execution has an unexpected outcome.


In the practice of their forefathers, the Pilatti family, run by Frankie “nail gun” Pilatti, utilizes crucifixion as the ultimate statement and means of an end to outsiders looking to set up shop.

Zeke “Abel” Adamson is riding the front of the guilt wave and is faced with the most harrowing task of all: he must murder the boy that he has come to call ‘son.’ Faced with this order from up the family chain and no way out, his cliché, macho, tough-guy exterior begins to crumble…and it crushes his pride, along with his heart.

The family must decide which is more important: the business (and all of its corruption), or to salvage whatever shred of morality they have left and go against orders. This day’s crucifixion is not their first, but may be their last.

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